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What is Reiki?

Reiki (Ray-Key) is an ancient Japanese healing technique in which, the Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the Universal (healing) energy to transmit to the recipient and balance their energy field.


Why is it called Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word Rei meaning Universal (or Higher Power) and Ki, meaning Life Force. 


How do I know if I need Reiki?

This energy is very responsive to thoughts and feelings that may arrive within us through our daily interaction with others and the way we view the world and ourselves. This flow may become blocked through negative thoughts and feelings, whether conscious or subconscious.


What happens during a Reiki session?

The healer will first connect with the Universal energy. Then, she will gently place her hands on  your body or on the energy around your body and begin to clear chakras and energy blockages.


Is it like a massage?

A Reiki session is similar to a massage as you might lie down and listen to soothing music during the session. But, unlike a massage, should the healer touch your body, she will only place her hands gently on your physical form. 


What will Reiki do for me?

Reiki can help balance your physical, emotional, or spiritual energy by allowing your body to draw in Universal energy and release blockages.  The healer serves as a channel to help the Reiki energy flow into your form.


How do I know if it's working?

You may sense heat emitting from the healer's hands during the treatment. Other sensations might include a heightened sense of well being and relaxation during and following the session.


What is an energy field?

We all possess energy surrounding our physical body called an energy field. This energy field is made up of seven main chakras. Our energy field flows through our physical body and connects us all to the world and each other. 


What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy center in your energy field. There are seven main energy centers in your body.


Crown Chakra is represented by a golden, white light. It connects us to our higher self and the Universal Power.


Third Eye Chakra is represented by a indigo purple light. It connects us to  our intuition, awareness, and psychic abilities.


Throat Chakra is represented by a blue light. It connects us to our self expression and creativity.


Heart Chakra is represented by a green light or pink light. It connect us to our emotions.


Solar Plexus Chakra is represented by a yellow light. It connects us to our personal power and confidence.


Sacral Chakra is represented by an orange light. It connects us to others.


Root Chakra is represented by a red light. It connects us to our true identity.
















Is Reiki associated with religion?

Reiki is not affiliated with any particular belief system. Anyone may perform or receive it.


May I substitute Reiki for my regular medical care?

Reiki is used clear energy blockages and can assist with healing the physical body with unconditional love, but is NOT a substitute for regular medical care.

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