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Our Tummy Tamer Elixir is infused with fresh mint leaves and fennel and rich CBD oil. Mint leaves are known for the healing properties of soothing the stomach in case of indigestion and inflammation. Fennel aids digestion by inhibits muscle spasms allowing you to process more easily as well as aiding in flatulence, bloating, diaharrea, and stomach cramps.  CBD oil is well known for its anti-flammatory affects, soothing common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease as well as preventing nausea. Lastly all of our products are blessed with the unconditonal loving energy of the Japanese healing art of Reiki. 



High Grade Alcohol. Vegetable Glycerin. Mint Leaves. Fennel. CBD Oil. LOVE.


All Elixirs are available in both SMALL (1 oz bottles) & LARGE (2 oz bottles).


Always Consult Your Physican or Health Care Professional if you have questions or concerns before using our products. 

Tummy Tamer Elixir

  • Tummy Tamer may be used as a supplement to prevent and shorten the symptoms of upset stomach, aid in digeston, and prevent nausea. The recommended dosage is 4-6 drops under the tongue or in 8 oz glass of water. You may choose from small (1 oz) and large (2 oz). 



  • We do not accept any returns or refunds as our products are homemade natural remedies.


    Your satisfication is important to us, if you are unhappy please contact our team. 


    Thank you for your support. 


    Love & Light,



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