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Our Whipped CBD Lemon Lavender Lotion is infused with rich CBD oil, Lavender,Rose, and Lemon Balm Essential oils. CBD oil is well known for its anti-flammatory and pain relieving affects, relaxing your muscles from short term discomfort to chronic pain of arthritsis, back pain, fibromyalgia, and many others.  Lavender essential oil offers a soothing quality through its aroma and applied directly on the skin. Rose essential oil has the healing quality of being antispasmodic, relieving muscule spasms in various limbs. Lemon Balm essential oil is used a gentle way to calm nerves and as an anti-depressant through its scent and application.  Lastly all of our products are blessed with the unconditonal loving energy of the Japanese healing art of Reiki. 



Cocoa butter. Shea butter. Coconut oil. Beeswax. CBD Oil. Lavender, Rose, & Lemon Balm essential oils. LOVE.


Always Consult Your Physican or Health Care Professional if you have questions or concerns before using our products. 

Whipped CBD Lemon Lavender Lotion (2 oz jar)

  • We do not accept any returns or refunds as our products are homemade natural remedies.


    Your satisfication is important to us, if you are unhappy please contact our team. 


    Thank you for your support. 


    Love & Light,



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