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Are you a nurturer, healer, teacher, nurse, animal lover or artist that loves taking care of others but is feeling drained?

I LOVE helping and nurturing others. It's in my DNA. I ADORE it. But it does drain my energy when I forgot to care for myself. 

Reiki is a Japanese energy technique that allows you balance your own energy field or others' fields without feeling exhausted.

We will learn in the workshop:

Brief History of Reiki
Basic Energy Protection & Grounding Techniques
Discuss Energy Fields and Centers (Chakras) 
Reiki Symbol of Empowerment
Healing Hand Positions (Discussion & Hands on Training)

Each Student will receive a Reiki Attunement and Reiki Level I certification 

Reiki I Workshop NYC

  • Where: 

    South Oxford Space/ A.R.T. NEW YORK
    138 South Oxford Street
    Studio G - First Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11217


    Sunday March 25th - 10am - 4pm (Lunch Break included)

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